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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


wow... the response is kinda overwhelming. after loookin at the stats we are averaging like 40 new subscribers a day. word of mouth? who cares... yall listening and thats whats up!

Length: 51:50

Featuring new and old music by: Busta rhymes, Oddissee, tupac, Janelle monae, Ugk, jean grae, the talking heads, kanye west, kenn starr, queen latifah, a tribe called quest, musiq, pharrell & the yessirs, lil wayne, amerie, blu+exile

And introducing the lessondary song of the week: diwadiwadonald - donwill & suburb (suburban sprawl)


Monday, August 27, 2007


it just gets better every day huh?

well ive got a special treat for you guys... lessondary radio (the vpnd show at least) will take a turn towards vlogging. i'm still tumbling the idea around in my mind but you can expect video from me/us/them soon thanks to my new camera*

im playing around with the idea of vlogging other things (recording songs, shows, a day in the live, rollin wiht the homies (c) clueless) but i just have to figure it all out in my mind, at anyrate i plan to keep it provacative and interesting.

me and von are planning on recording episode 4 sometime in the next 48 hours so who knows i may run my experiment tonight. also say tuned for the bonus lessondary radio show: donnie simpson presents the quiet storm, all slow jams.

seacrest, out**

*as soon as i find the proper usb hookup cord

**i have ALWAYS wanted to say that lol

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elucid - Smash n Grab

Just incase you live under a rock and don't know about the folks I get down with...

EGutta! http://rappersiknow.com/media/elucid/Smash%20N%20Grab.zip

Get that, then go out and drive a school bus into the side of a hospital!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


yeah so um we had a lil mixup with che grands zftp and i assume full responsibility for that. in brief i dont check my voicemail messages and i was nowhere to be found when he needed to record his show...


don will be the bad guy... get stoned and then stone me. my apologies to all of our subscribers and che grand. he should be back next week but until then its thursday and while we drifted from the norm by not having zftp we still got vpnd for you. tune in.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WZFTP On Hiatus?!

told y'all i may not be back next week.

maybe not even the week after.

but i will be back.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

happy birthday jack!

shes one of the very few skinny people sexier than i am. and theres very very few, because i invented this skinny hunk shit. back in 88.

for her birthday i got some shit for yall...ELUCID WHATUP! LESSONDARY!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Advice I Gave My Little Brother...

when the ladies are around, you gotta be cool as a fan.


yall gotta pardon me for not being as up on the jazz greats as i should. ive heard my dad say the names and seen some of the records but with regards to knowing the music? nah... so when i heard the news that max roach passed i mourned momentarily as i do for all passing souls, they deserve the silence you know? and so do you we, take a minute to appreciate this thing we struggle thru and fully grasp its fragility.

so in doin my daily internet stroll i kept bumpin into youtube clips of max roach doin his thing and i feel like i missed out on some of the most innovative shit ever to touch drumsticks. seriously. i saw him play an entire set of drums in one clip. the skins, the stands, the casings and anything attached to the drums

i will be doing my homework soon.

Lessondary Radio - VPND Show Episode 2

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WOOORLDWIIIIDE (c) dilla, rough draft muufuu***

it appears we are wearing this free account we have the fuck out. so unless we get some paypal donations or shell out a few bucks to up the bandwith we may have to really decrease the output. i dont wanna do less shows i mean we JUST got started but this is a good problem people, a good one. we need a sponsor to keep the lights on. interested? hit us up!

otherwise enjoy!

ps - those lil organe things are downloads btw...


that satellite is MAD accurate man. like i zoomed in and got a street address for ppl who are downloading the podcast! wow... to those 2 ppl out in saudi arabia... thanks for your support

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Basic Black - Special Kinda Fool

(between this entry and the one over here i can only imagine what yall thinking)

yall remember taping songs off the radio and really sitting by the pause button trying to get as much of the song as you could without gettin the gravely voiced nigga doin the dedications between songs? or better yet how about that compilation/mix tape that you made to set the mood for your preteen cherry popping session? i mean sure you been carryin that condom around in your wallet for a few months now but this tape was gonna set it off cus ReeRee seemin like she ready to go all the way. an this was the song you got the nerve to ask her to dance on so in planning the song sequence you put it right before the end of side one, leaving you a full 45 minutes to get busy on after the auto reverse kicked in, oh yeah you got it all planned out.

man i feel a donwill quiet storm podcast being born right now...


what you waitin for? its free!



i want you (she's so heavy).

written by john lennon (also credited to paul mccartney, although many say it was all lennon) and appearing on the beatles' "abbey road" - "i want you (she's so heavy)" has been covered by everyone from the bee gees, george benson, booker t & the mg's and sarah vaughan. being that i'm a huge fan of the funkmob, my favorite cover is from eddie hazel's "games, dames and guitar thangs". the beatles' version is rock heavy w/ gorgeous keys by billy preston. i'm not sure who plays on hazel's version but the brides of funkestein are on vocals.

check out both versions ..

the beatles - i want you (she's so heavy)

eddie hazel - i want you (she's so heavy)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lessondary Radio 3 - Zimbabwe For The Public

Che Grand here with the first episode of my ZTFP radio show in conjunction with Lessondary Radio...

special guest's Boogie, Pea and Will...
studio a little cloudy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Note to self:

download this and bang the shit out of it later on tonight

Janelle Monae - Party Girl

why cant i change the template?

test #2.