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Monday, August 27, 2007


it just gets better every day huh?

well ive got a special treat for you guys... lessondary radio (the vpnd show at least) will take a turn towards vlogging. i'm still tumbling the idea around in my mind but you can expect video from me/us/them soon thanks to my new camera*

im playing around with the idea of vlogging other things (recording songs, shows, a day in the live, rollin wiht the homies (c) clueless) but i just have to figure it all out in my mind, at anyrate i plan to keep it provacative and interesting.

me and von are planning on recording episode 4 sometime in the next 48 hours so who knows i may run my experiment tonight. also say tuned for the bonus lessondary radio show: donnie simpson presents the quiet storm, all slow jams.

seacrest, out**

*as soon as i find the proper usb hookup cord

**i have ALWAYS wanted to say that lol


Pea! said...

as long as my face is censored lol

Donald Williams said...


Sandy said...

been waiting for the slow jam ep. you talked it up so much.

And Vonnie, why censor your loverly face?

thatdudedave said...

did i forget to send cords?
my bad...those were new battries though.....lol

Donald Williams said...

nah fam you tight
i just got access to a different camera now too...