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Saturday, December 29, 2007

James Morrison - Undiscovered

You Give Me Something

so when im in cincinnati aside from drinking i do ALOT of tv watching. aside from the city being kinda boring its the only real time i can catch up on my on demand shows and cable in general. i watch alot of vh1, runs house, videos you know normal shit and as you know sometimes the commercials get redundant cus they run the same ones alot. well i kept seeing THIS* spot ALOT and it the song in the background is absolutely mesmerizing. like i literally have been watching tv in anticipation of seeing it and catching the bridge to the song.

So after the 4th time of seeing the commercial i began to scour the net for whatever the fuck this song was and while i could barely find the commercial itself i did happen to stumble across the press release for the new campaign that listed, you guessed it, the information about the song playing in the commercial.

i dont know much about this guy at all yet. im literally typing this on my first listen thru is album (3 songs in and not dissappointed yet, actually VERY pleased) but i will be finding out more information asap. maybe i need a latepass for missing out on this but im here now and im very happy to be here.

*fox dont play no games fam, there are no embeddable versions of that commercial...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lessondary Radio - VPND #13

wanna know the story behind this picture? tune in

yes yes yall! we are back just in time to help you end your work week right and slingshot you into that xmas holiday. this week ilyas was in town for some reason or the other and we made him sit in on a show to let yall know that he is very much alive and breathing.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


click the image to get familiar

I been slowly but surely making the rounds to my lessondary folk and anybody within earshot to let them know about this guy. I dont know much of anything about him to be honest except that he lives in london. My knowledge spans as far as his myspace page but this project he put together named 'pet sounds in the key of d' was my formal introduction.

its basically him chopping up the beach boys pet sounds lp in the same fashion as dilla did donuts. sounds like a recipe for disaster right? i was all poised to hate on it as i do most shit but that shit bangs, front to back. i may post up the link if ppl request it that is. the original link is dead

this guy is pretty damn dope tho.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dazed And Confused

I've never really listened to Led Zeppelin, mainly because all the plagiarism accusations kinda turned me off to them. I know a bunch of their big songs, from Kashmir to Black Dog to Whole Lotta Love, and my favorite, Daze And Confused. But this week (without even knowing about the reunion concert in London) I started digging for Zeppelin albums. I got my hands on every studio album that they recorded and started reading up on them and came across what seems to be common knowledge .. Jimmy Page didn't write, but stole, Dazed And Confused.

While on tour with The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page saw Jake Holmes perform Dazed And Confused, which was released in June 1967 on Jake's The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes (Tower Records). Soon after, Jimmy & The Yardbirds incorporated a reworked version of the song into their live show and it quickly became a staple of their show.

After The Yardbirds disbanded, Jimmy reworked the song for Led Zeppelin and the song became a huge part of their history. The problem was that Jake Holmes was never given any credit (or royalty checks) for writing Dazed And Confused. Holmes never filed a lawsuit against Page or Led Zeppelin but he did contact them about the lack of credit and royalties. Holmes never got a reply from Page or anyone else in the Zeppelin camp.

Just another story of how fucked up this business can be. Thank god the music is amazing ..

Jake Holmes - The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes

The Yardbirds - Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kid A - Radiohead

one of my favorite groups of all time hands down. i dont play them repeatedly but every now and then i get this really REALLY strong hankering to hear some of their stuff. as of late it has been the song 'how to dissappear completely' from the album Kid A but in playing that song it just made me remember how fucking dope the whole lp is.

i dont know which one i like more between this and ok computer but today its leaning more towards kid a. i love the names of their songs too. if you dont have this album get it, please. and go get in rainbows. i havent really sat with in rainbows to be honest but its a cool album. ill play it when i get around to feeling like concentrating on it. its not about having an album as soon as it drops, its about having it when you want to pay it attention

Friday, December 7, 2007

youd be hard pressed to find a bigger loser



and if you think the album cover is bad give those 2 songs i linked a listen. i cant lie man i used to like the song he had with lil kim (hey wait a minute aint that brandi's brother?) and the one with pharrell rappin on it. i think they were on the same album. shit even one wish was kinda bad enough to like but this shit? jesus el christo...

nigga, on snakes in the grass he said "im lookin for a slut with a pretty little cunt so i can fuck, she let me fuck in her butt til i bust a nut" or some variant of the above.

talk about a train wreck

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Johnson & Johnson - Powders and Oils

two random joints from the lp:

last week everything on earth that was recorded leaked and overwhelmed the shit outta the world. one of the albums to leak was this join right here. its a group comprised of Blu and Mainframe if im not mistaken and the only question i have is what can Blu do wrong? i had a hard time figuring out what track to post up on the blog cus i mean they all pretty much go hard.

out of everybody doing music right now man this dude is the one who inspires me the most lyrically, and im not ashamed to say that at all. if you find this shit cop. dont ask questions, just cop and thank me later... for real.

Monday, December 3, 2007



damn its been a minute hasnt it? well not so much has changed on our end, okay thats not completely true. the big deal is that we have moved the podcast over to here i guess the biggest difference between the two is that i cant embed the show on the blog which kinda sucks right? eh, not so much in my opinion. its a much cleaner interface and from the podcaster standpoint i think its way more user friendly. but enough of all that...

this week special guest che grand stops by and drops off his new single 'SWING' from the upcoming EGU lp. he also sits as we talk about everything but music. basically just buggin out, man you know how we do lol... if you dont download/check it out HERE

again thats www.lessondaryradio.mypodcast.com people... LOCK IT IN!!