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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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I been slowly but surely making the rounds to my lessondary folk and anybody within earshot to let them know about this guy. I dont know much of anything about him to be honest except that he lives in london. My knowledge spans as far as his myspace page but this project he put together named 'pet sounds in the key of d' was my formal introduction.

its basically him chopping up the beach boys pet sounds lp in the same fashion as dilla did donuts. sounds like a recipe for disaster right? i was all poised to hate on it as i do most shit but that shit bangs, front to back. i may post up the link if ppl request it that is. the original link is dead

this guy is pretty damn dope tho.

1 comment:

Che Grand said...

you aint tell me he was from my birthplace

i may have to holla at a track