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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kid A - Radiohead

one of my favorite groups of all time hands down. i dont play them repeatedly but every now and then i get this really REALLY strong hankering to hear some of their stuff. as of late it has been the song 'how to dissappear completely' from the album Kid A but in playing that song it just made me remember how fucking dope the whole lp is.

i dont know which one i like more between this and ok computer but today its leaning more towards kid a. i love the names of their songs too. if you dont have this album get it, please. and go get in rainbows. i havent really sat with in rainbows to be honest but its a cool album. ill play it when i get around to feeling like concentrating on it. its not about having an album as soon as it drops, its about having it when you want to pay it attention

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