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Saturday, December 29, 2007

James Morrison - Undiscovered

You Give Me Something

so when im in cincinnati aside from drinking i do ALOT of tv watching. aside from the city being kinda boring its the only real time i can catch up on my on demand shows and cable in general. i watch alot of vh1, runs house, videos you know normal shit and as you know sometimes the commercials get redundant cus they run the same ones alot. well i kept seeing THIS* spot ALOT and it the song in the background is absolutely mesmerizing. like i literally have been watching tv in anticipation of seeing it and catching the bridge to the song.

So after the 4th time of seeing the commercial i began to scour the net for whatever the fuck this song was and while i could barely find the commercial itself i did happen to stumble across the press release for the new campaign that listed, you guessed it, the information about the song playing in the commercial.

i dont know much about this guy at all yet. im literally typing this on my first listen thru is album (3 songs in and not dissappointed yet, actually VERY pleased) but i will be finding out more information asap. maybe i need a latepass for missing out on this but im here now and im very happy to be here.

*fox dont play no games fam, there are no embeddable versions of that commercial...

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donnie jr. said...

that is tight.
good lookin' out on dude.