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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


yes yes yall...

its the new year and what better way to kick off your 08 than with the good people over at lessondary radio? another installment of vpnd and aside from all kinda pitfalls (cpu's breaking, going on tour, being way too busy to accumulate new songs to play) we are back in full muthafuckin effizect once again.

this episode finds me dying of allegies (this dry heat in my apt sucks) and von pea dying of hunger (we almost walked to mcdonalds mid podcast but its WAY too cold out there) and in between all of that we still find time to bring you some great music

so let us help you close out this short work week.

in an effort to further give the readers here at the lessondary blog a reason to read i will be listing the full playlist including song titles and artists (those that i know, sometimes von plays some exclusive shit lol) im tempted to list the producer information too but fuck that, i cant give yall EVERYTHING now can i?

von pea and donwill - baked beans
j dilla - diamonds
little brother - the next day (??)
the roots - please dont go
pete rock - number 1 (??)
wale ft tabi bonney - bonified
the cool kids - black mags
ghostface killah - buck 50
the supreme team - somesongfromzombiebasketball (??)
jay z - jigga my nigga
8th1 - a fools lullaby
talib kweli ft jean grae & neo - hot thing rmx
marvin gay - here my dear (alternate mix)

(??) means i dont know if this is the actual song title and didnt feel like asking von for or googling the information lol. feel free to ask about a jam in the comments section and ill hit you with any info necessary


d- said...

Loved this week's show!!! Where can I find the wale and 8th1 tracks?

Thanks. Your show has turned me on to s much music it isn't even funny. Some of these artist's need to cut y'all a check.


d- said...
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Donald Williams said...

the wale track can be found on his mixtape that was for download at www.catchdubs.com

the 8thw1 track can be found at www.rappersiknow.com


((i hope you check back here LOL))

Anonymous said...

ill as usual. i wanna know(cuz i'm jealous) where you got the un-edited "diamonds" track by jay dee. it's from his mca lp(that i don't have!) i believe. i am so on ya'lls nuts for that one. if you have access to it you should use his "trucks". the gary nueman flip was amazing. made me wanna buy a truck. ha!peasjbi

d- said...

Thanks. Of course, I checked back. I check ur blog and this one regularly. I just silently lurk. LOL

Saturday's show was good too. You should have a guest host contest or something. :)