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Friday, August 17, 2007


yall gotta pardon me for not being as up on the jazz greats as i should. ive heard my dad say the names and seen some of the records but with regards to knowing the music? nah... so when i heard the news that max roach passed i mourned momentarily as i do for all passing souls, they deserve the silence you know? and so do you we, take a minute to appreciate this thing we struggle thru and fully grasp its fragility.

so in doin my daily internet stroll i kept bumpin into youtube clips of max roach doin his thing and i feel like i missed out on some of the most innovative shit ever to touch drumsticks. seriously. i saw him play an entire set of drums in one clip. the skins, the stands, the casings and anything attached to the drums

i will be doing my homework soon.


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