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Friday, August 17, 2007

Lessondary Radio - VPND Show Episode 2

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WOOORLDWIIIIDE (c) dilla, rough draft muufuu***

it appears we are wearing this free account we have the fuck out. so unless we get some paypal donations or shell out a few bucks to up the bandwith we may have to really decrease the output. i dont wanna do less shows i mean we JUST got started but this is a good problem people, a good one. we need a sponsor to keep the lights on. interested? hit us up!

otherwise enjoy!

ps - those lil organe things are downloads btw...


that satellite is MAD accurate man. like i zoomed in and got a street address for ppl who are downloading the podcast! wow... to those 2 ppl out in saudi arabia... thanks for your support


Filthy said...


Donald Williams said...

fam i think we are really gonna have to ask for donations. its only 10 a month to get 1000 gigs of bandwith and at the rate we goin that will be used next week, or the next time we drop a cast on em


guess imma have to cough up that ten.

Filthy said...


if so, i got $5 on it.

Sandy said...

you welcome to my pennies.