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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Basic Black - Special Kinda Fool

(between this entry and the one over here i can only imagine what yall thinking)

yall remember taping songs off the radio and really sitting by the pause button trying to get as much of the song as you could without gettin the gravely voiced nigga doin the dedications between songs? or better yet how about that compilation/mix tape that you made to set the mood for your preteen cherry popping session? i mean sure you been carryin that condom around in your wallet for a few months now but this tape was gonna set it off cus ReeRee seemin like she ready to go all the way. an this was the song you got the nerve to ask her to dance on so in planning the song sequence you put it right before the end of side one, leaving you a full 45 minutes to get busy on after the auto reverse kicked in, oh yeah you got it all planned out.

man i feel a donwill quiet storm podcast being born right now...


Sandy said...

those tape flipping 45 minute sessions planned, never lasted longer than one full song.

Filthy said...

you soft, son.