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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i want you (she's so heavy).

written by john lennon (also credited to paul mccartney, although many say it was all lennon) and appearing on the beatles' "abbey road" - "i want you (she's so heavy)" has been covered by everyone from the bee gees, george benson, booker t & the mg's and sarah vaughan. being that i'm a huge fan of the funkmob, my favorite cover is from eddie hazel's "games, dames and guitar thangs". the beatles' version is rock heavy w/ gorgeous keys by billy preston. i'm not sure who plays on hazel's version but the brides of funkestein are on vocals.

check out both versions ..

the beatles - i want you (she's so heavy)

eddie hazel - i want you (she's so heavy)


Sandy said...


you DO know thats my theme song, right?

Gotta send you the Bee Gee's/ Sgt Peppers soundtrack version.

Sandy said...

realized I don't know which of the gentlemen folk I'm calling Darling.

my bad.


anywho, clicky here

Filthy said...

the 1st set of vocals reminds me of "airport love theme" off of magnetic sounds' super erotica.
now i wanna listen to all the other versions ..
well maybe not all ..
just the ones i listed.
especially the sarah vaughan version.

now the question is ..
have YOU covered it yet?

Sandy said...

Have I/we?



Filthy said...