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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Estelle feat Kanye West - American Boy

for some odd reason i'd hit it...
i need a valentine.
oh did I mention this is the same instrumental as #7 "Impatient" from Will I Am's pretty dope album Songs About Girls that had a recording budget of $__ million and sold triple wood :-(
now the label is making him sell beats from the album to get some dough back... fuk'd up
with that said will let me buy "Fly Girl" thats a HIT!


khal said...

this nigga acting like its a mystery why she is hittable.

look at them lips. then look at them tits. she got the odd eyes but i bet she go bug-eyed when she cums.

sandy said...

^^ That's nasty.


I hope your kidding about that Will.I.Am news tidbit...

Che Grand said...

lol Khal! GO IN!

sorry my dear tis all true... :-/ this industry is shit.

joel said...