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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


yall know what time it is, click that episode 19 link up there and tune in!

common - southside ft kanye west
spec boogie - bed stuy
peedi peedi - here comes the boss ft black thought
beanie sigel - stop, chill
tanya morgan - sittin at the bar (von peas remix for the b's)
n.e.r.d - everybody nose
lupe fiasco - freestyle
kenn starr - freestyle
colin munroe - flashin lights remix
gnarls barkley - run
danny - press conference
the away team - the odds
*YO VON WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, shits a JAM son!?!?!?*
second II none - let the rhythm take you
yo yo - you cant play with my yo yo
skyzoo - hold tight rmx ft black milk
prodigy - livin tha life
median - choices ft chaundon & joe scudda


Anonymous said...

shit is rockin son! keep doin what yall do.

DJ Low Key /// djlowkey.com said...

That Second II None ish is such a jam, I rock it a sleeper joint early at the club quite a bit.

Also, good to see that Von Pea remix of Sittin At The Bar finally got out, ish is dope.

Now if we can just get BT2 out there...