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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Camp Lo - Ticket For Two

Although they've never topped the classic Uptown Saturday Night LP, Camp Lo will always be somewhere on my top 10 hip hop duo list because of their personal influence on my own style.
For some reason I always dug the blaxploitated jewel heisting slick willy shit and no one had ever done it quite like them, it wasnt forced either, you could tell that was just their thing. I remember seeing them doing an interview with Joe Claire on Rap City chilling in a old school movie spot watching all the black cinema classics, that had me amped... I mean I must've bought their debut about 3 diff times (my tape was stolen ((lewis I KNOW it was you nigga)), then the cd i copped got scratched up, and the third time it came in the mail as one of the cd club 12 for 12 cents offers) Anyway this is the latest joint from the diamond crooks themselves (and I say "latest" even though I've had it for months) Shout to my dude Ed Martin, we chopped it up a few days back about Black Hollywood (an album they released last year, without this song) and how although them linking back up with Ski was cool, it hurt that he isnt really killing the production like he used to (Reasonable Doubt and Uptown Saturday made Ski the truth back then) :-/
I think the Lo'wer should holla @ Madlib for a few beats... now that might be some shit!


DJ Low Key /// djlowkey.com said...

Wait til you see the Camp Lo ish I'm puttin together...your head is gonna explode...

C.R. said...

Madlib would be tight, but I think these brothers need a band. "Uptown..", no question, was their best work, but "Let's Do It Again" really grew on me after a few spins. Gotta agree though, these two are really dope but way underrated.