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Saturday, January 5, 2008

yummy bingham - one more chance

how the hell did my rnb lovin ass miss this song?!?!? especially seeing as how it has that hop to it that i fucking LOVE. like my steppers/go out mix that ive been building in my head for months now has to have this on it. thats why i have yet to make this mix cus im SURE i missed a million songs that got that hop to it.

recently i stumbled across another song from this album named quickie and instantly fell in love with it. between these two songs i think i may have slept, hard. god i love this womans voice. maybe filthy will slide thru and link up trackademicks remix of come and get it.

1 comment:

Rich Louis said...

it's a good album
it has a mid 90s feel to it
but i wonder why it never got released