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Thursday, January 10, 2008


So yall know what we normally do on thursdays right? we help YOU get right by spinnnin that good old fashioned hip hop (an any other got damn music we feel like playin) for your enjoyment. well consider this a mega update.

in addition to the weekly installment (#16) we also have a weekend special show. basically me and von were just sittin around in our good clothes with no free liquor parties to go to and no more demo's to record for our upcoming ep (TANYA MORGAN THE BRIDGE DROPPIN IN APRIL) and no more songs to pick for our upcoming mixtape we workin on with dj soul (FEB!?!?! WHATUP SOUL!) so we did what we do best. walk to the likka sto and cop a good personal pint of that jesus juice and talk shit about music.

so sit back and spend the next 2 hours with ya boys, VPND!

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