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Sunday, September 9, 2007

___ Subscribers Cant Be In The Wrong Mayne!!!

Don or somebody fill in that blank, I have no clue how many subscribers we got but hopefully we can continue to add on to that number. This attempt at podcasting was kinda last minute so expect the format and content to change within the next couple of weeks. "Life In Stereoooo" Mondaaaaaays! yuh!

Lessondary Radio - Life In Stereo Number 1
Posted: about 2 hours ago (Sun, Sep 09, 07)

First Episode from Jermiside aka DjERM featuring music from Les Nubians, Ladacris, UGK, The Roots, Common, Flying Lotus, Talib Kweli & Madlib, Tupac and others


Pea! said...

good show djerm! with a d!

Donald Williams said...

fuck ya in ya pussssy!

Sandy said...

This is awesome. Damn near daily programming.

Loving this.