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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Josie Stingray - Doin My Thang (live @ Yo Yo)

Josie Stingray live @ the YoY0

so when i was out in the bay i had the pleasure of not only meeting but hanging out with one of the yay's illest crew's 'The Honor Roll' I had met trackademicks several times and that was the homie by then, he was catchin alot of burn based on his reworking of E40's 'Tell Me When To Go' but little did i know that i had just stumbled upon the best thing since, well... ever.

ive you been tunin into the show or east village radio you should be familiar with this song, if not please do yourself a favor and get familiar. enjoy!


Filthy said...

...i was lookin' so cooool.

lenée said...

this "just the way you like it" shit is my new favorite song. really. y'all are the truth.