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Thursday, October 25, 2007

ZFTP Weekly Playlist

btw the rules for this list are a bit
maybe even slightly
but they're still rules...
you gotta cop em all and listen to em, maybe even in the order i have right here just to get that full effect....

on to the list of ish i'm rockin this week (straight off the Mf'n Cd's!!!)

~Jazzanova - "Ice" Sonar Kollective >>> a great way to usher in a *good* day... i woke up to this song this morning and the horn's told me today is going to be lovely... of course i looked out of the window and the weather said different.

~Parlet - "Huff-N-Puff" Casablanca >>> 3 really funky women + a big bad wolf + a cameo from bootsy as the boogeyman = my 2007 halloween theme song, huff-n-puff indeed.

~Ty feat Wumni and Dele Sosimi - "Sweating For Your Salary" Big Dada Recordings >>> as i type this somebody related to me, that i have never met, is in Nigeria trying not to go insane just like me, and they probably have more issues... dance that shit off. Ty is that dude by the by, cheers mate.

~Count Bass D - "Case O'Dilla" Fat Beats >>> if that's Dionne and Stevie mutilated the fuck up like I think it is, oh my, I think Dilla would have to say TURN IT UP!

~Steely Dan - "Doctor Wu" MCA >>> A euphamism for heroin or a Chinese immagrant that became a Doctor and Painter? In Fagen's case i'm thinking it might be the former although the latter might be his homeboy, who knows... I love trying to figure these songs out, ohh look what I just found http://www.steelydandictionary.com

~Mint Condition - "U Send Me Swingin'" Perspective Records >>> SWANGIN! there's a lot of text message worthy cupcakin booboo quotes in this. I didnt know these cats had platinum plaques (i kinda stopped paying full attention to rnb after I heard NWA)

~Cameo - "Attack Me With Your Love" Mercury? >>> Not sure about the name of the album this was one, killin my brain trying to remember, I only remember the album cover but I do know unlike the last joint this era is when I did really pay attention (no choice, thanks dad) i guess Blackmon is as much of an influence as Kane is to me...

~Heavy - "mylittesong" BBE >>> Bias aside go buy JazzMoney$$$ RIGHT NOW! Nicky i'm on my way to copp 2 at lunch time


Sandy said...

merci grizzy.

Anonymous said...

The Album was "Single Life" and it was the first Single off the album.

Priest Forever

Che Grand said...

word?! i think i remember that album though

oh well i was only 4 or 5 so i get a pass on my memory i guess