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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

just cause ZFTP Radio is on indefinite hiatus...

doesnt mean I still cant hip y'all to what's hip to me (right now anyway...)

here's just a few cuts on the current grizzy playlist (straight off the damn CD's too)
(im going against zimbabwe rules with providing info so feel free to find these gem's if you can or you can just ask me, i may rip the cd's theyre on)

~ G&D - "Time" Look Records >>> i've actually heard some not so good thing's about their album and I dont doubt it because I love G and cant stand D but this song is very undeniable... has a Loose Ends feel to it, and y'all know how I feel bout them

~ Talking Heads - "Girlfriend Is Better" Sire >>> big up to Filthy, I listen to this song at least once a day

~ The Politik - "She's Gone" Milan Records >>> this shit just knocks, type of joint I used to rock whipping the galant thru town on my extended lunch breaks right before getting written up

~ Parliament - "Funkentelechy" Casablanca >>> pfunk is a staple for me as most of you are realizing... nower days when I listen I tend to find the most miniscule part of the songs and make it my fave part, on this particular jam it's dr. funkenstein's adlib towards the end "whatshappenin'!"

~ Tiombe Lockhart - "The Overtaking" Bling 47 >>> without a shadow of a motherfuckin doubt Waajeed's HARDEST beat to date equipped with gutter guitar riffs, bomb explosions and what may be subtle whimperings of a female... dogs i'm thinking of robbing a grandmother at gun point to this shit

~ Spacek feat Common, Raphael Saadiq & Ledisi - "They Dont Know You" Sound In Color??? >>> good ol zone out music

~ Bobbi Humphrey - Uno Esta & New York Times Blue Note >>> these songs are in constant rotation for days i'm cleaning around the house

~ MED - What It Do Stones Throw >>> the drums on this record are infectious and i also discovered a good reason (other than the fact madlib does a majority of his production) to dig MED, the dude can really spit!

so there's a couple of songs im rockin right now, and of course i'd like to throw in Chris Brown feat T Pain's "Kiss Kiss" on that list but y'all wouldnt believe I was bumping that now would you... big up VA! lol